Monday, October 21, 2013

Face of Australia Carnivale Manicure {Ferris Wheel & Masquerade}

Hi ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog sale up if you didn't know, and I added about 40-50 more polishes to it last night so be sure to check that out. :)

I'm on a self-appointed no/low buy at the moment {but unofficially have been for a while now, really - I haven't wanted a lot of new polish honestly!} but when I found out that Face of Australia just released some new textured polishes I couldn't resist getting a couple! The collection, called the Carnivale collection, has 7 or 8 polishes I believe. Some are shimmery and some are creme colours, all with a textured finish.

I grabbed Ferris Wheel, a green texture with a silvery foil finish, and some larger glitter in there; and Masquerade, which is the same sort of concept as Ferris Wheel, but in purple.

These polishes are super packed with glitter/shimmer. The formula is a little thick, and are very opaque too. You can pretty much get away with just one coat! Which I think is really nice because a lot of textures on the market can require 3 coats for an opaque finish.
I would say that these polishes take around 15 minutes to dry enough that you can go and do stuff, but still be careful obviously.
I was very tempted to do two coats of both polishes for my manicure - but I had to stop myself because it was pretty much perfect with only one coat!

I'm glad that more mainstream brands are finally catching up with the textured trend & now we have some more easily accessible textures, but I hope they don't carry the trend on too long after we're all bored of it... I can see it becoming another crackle disaster. But anyway, I'm not sick of texture just yet. :)

I found the FOA Carnivale collection from Priceline for $5.95 each. You could also check out Kmart and Big W, I assume they will also be stocking this collection.

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